If You're Going To Hell, You Should Know Why

by Colter

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This short story, which I consider to be my greatest accomplishment as an artist to date, would not be possible without the love, support, influence, and/or presence of certain individuals. Whether they be passengers or passersby on the road of life, they have undoubtedly affected me so profoundly that to not give them recognition would be an insult to their impact and a false implication that this record exists solely because of my narcissistic ass.

Firstly, my parents, Bobby and Debbie, who always encouraged me to pursue happiness and never told me I was stupid, deserve more thanks than I could ever give. They did a great job raising me, and I am eternally grateful that they kept the pregnancy instead of aborting me- that was super cool of them. My grandmother, Jean, and my brother, Ryan, I thank for always being patient with my artsiness even when they did not fully understand what I was doing.

Will Simpson, Phillip Klapp, Justin Gibson, Joey Bennett, and Dane Bradford have seen me transition from the awkward hooligan I was into the awkward man I am, and still like to be around me... I cherish our adventures over the 15+ years we have been friends and I am sorry you had the shame of seeing me naked, playing with gasoline and fire on more than one occasion.

Alec Seagrave, Eric Kaufman, John Ranalli, Evan Void, Jason Verdone, Bob Marrama, Chris Kauth, Rich Smith, Fred Grabosky, Mike Lore, Alyssa Maucere, Ashley Reese, Catherine Upperman, Evona Barna, Dan Marchini, Carolyn Lapps, Megan Craig Miller, Alan Remache, Traci-Leigh Campbell and the Seagrave family are the best things I experienced about New Jersey and I thank God that they took care of me for 4 years of struggle and occasional destitution. Thank you for being a friend and more when I needed you.

Lucas Rocheleau is one of the best artists I have ever worked with. His continuing inspiration for me to be a better artist, a better man, and his commitment to being my friend is something that still befuddles me; my love for him is lifelong and I am honored to call him family.

Billy Hagood, who was the cool older kid when I was a lad, I thank for always being a brother, even after I grew up and realized he was, in fact, just as lame as I am.

There are several artists in Valdosta, Georgia, that make up a network & community that grows in skill and size every year, and I would be a fool not to recognize their merit and dedication to community when others would not give a shit: Dirty Bird & the Flu, SiN, #holygrail, Custard Pie, Coody, Machinist!, Red Door & Cinema, Luckys, Ashley St Station, Valdosta Wake Compound, West Virginia Slims, Divorce Ring, echols, Giggle Giver, Stupid F***ing Time Vampires, Mike Price, LSDetour, Hepatitis Sea, Byrd, Crai Wavey, Matt Underwood, Patrick R. Band, Divorce Ring, Dying Whale, End Of the World Party, Me & My M80, Smiler, Beware the Neverending, the Bleu Pub and all of its staff, Alan Sifuentes, Caleb Brown Casey OKelley & the Blakkkspace Gallery, Ninja Gun, Steve Terry, Danielle Roush, Teddy Schubert & Kaitlyn Watson, all of the artists at: the Brass Quill Gallery, Firehouse Tattoo, Hollywood Twisted Needle, Diabolik Ink, & Ink Addiction Tattoo, Cloroks, Nic Lindner, New Natives, Prism, the Dredges, Egg Water Palace, Poor People, Ben Heddon, Nate Slayton, Knock Galley West, Cyclops, everyone who contributed this record, and every member of Avow- especially Eric Herndon.

To Ryan Fitton and Christopher Mark G Grant II, who both died before this came out, I hope to one day shake your hands again.

To Lee Dyess, the other 50% of this artistic endeavor: the smartest man I know and an asset to both our community and my life- words cannot express what you’ve provided me over the years and I love that you have always been trustworthy and humble. Thank you for making music with me once again, and may our next record be just as rewarding to make, if not more so.

Lastly, this album is dedicated to Evan Petersen, a.k.a. Slab Hamilton, for absolutely no reason whatsoever other than he is an asshole and I love him.


released April 26, 2016


Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Lee Dyess

Written, Performed, & Produced by Colter M. F. Raines

Edited by Lee Dyess & Colter M. F. Raines

Recorded in May & August of 2015 at Earthsound Recording in Valdosta, GA.

Mixed & Mastered in April of 2016 at Earthsound Recording.



Lyrics on "Once Upon a Rhyme" by Colter M.F. Raines, Alec Seagrave, and L. R. Smith III

Additional percussion on "When the Devil Comes Knockin'" by Blake Clark

Violin on "When the Devil Comes Knockin'" by Abigail Shepherd

Chains on "Once Upon a Rhyme" by Colter and Lucas Rocheleau

Choir of angels on "Once Upon a Rhyme" and "The Hitchhiker" consists of: Blake Clark, Jose Wolfe, Alan Sifuentes, Abigail Shepherd, Nic Lindner, Matt Zagorski, and Jeff Hill.

Photography: Angela Marafino, Billy Hagood, Caleb Brown, Alan Sifuentes



This album is a work of fiction and is neither con nor pro Christianity.




all rights reserved


Colter Valdosta, Georgia

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